What is MovCard?

MOvCard? is a newly designed digital business card that helps to catalog standard contact information, video introduction, bio telling and all social networks at one place. It is like a digital information centre working in smart phones, Tablets and computers. It creates a digital hub so as for customer to choose and select the information needed. Moreover, works as a digital brochure.

Idea & Plan:

With the developing digital and technical world, when everything is online and in electronic medium, the need of paper printing is becoming both costly and cumbersome. It is loathsome to hoard several business cards at one place and when it comes to picking the one needed, it is both tiresome and annoying job to do in the fastest moving world. It is also frustrating for people trying to reach you through an employee who no longer works for you, if they have a business card from an old employee. MovCard, the digital business card has come up with the quicker and more convenient way of tackling the issue. It enables you to track your sales activity, monitor your social media and see what platforms are really working for you, be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. The card is 100% customizable and you can have any buttons you like, connected to any URL you choose.

It’s Function:

The MovCard creates a digital, information hub which helps customers pick and choose the content needed to them. It has a QR code, so to be used as a clock card/access card for anyone wanting to enter your building, thus saving costs on plastic access cards. Movcard are NOT an app, there is no application needed to open the business card and it works on any device which has access to the internet. Your business card link can be attached as a signature to all your emails, sent to a client via whatsapp, SMS, Bluetooth or email. It can also be saved on your desktop or phone home screen, for an easy access.

MovCard belongs to your company, so when staff leave, the card is easily updated with the new staff member’s details and all clients or leads that has the card from the previous employee, will automatically be updated with the new employees details. You can never lose a client or a lead again. The old employee will not have access to their old card anymore. Cards are customizable for different departments within your company. For example Customer Service Department may perform different functions than Listening Department or Compliance Department. Employees in different departments can have different applicable buttons on their cards, to serve their particular department. The cards are individually customizable. Interpersonal communication becomes very simple and convenient, as all cards are hosted on a server; you never need to remember an email address, telephone number or extension number again. Simply push a button and the action is performed. When your client or lead forwards your card to his/her friend, you will have access to the friends contact information and can easily follow up on this new lead.

MovCard could be saved as a custom app icon right on the customer’s phone. As all of the information is Cloud Based, customers can access most relevant contact information at any time. Since information is prone to changes MovCard brings the information recently updated and most current. It creates a URL linking back to the most recent version of the information.

Connect & Unlimited share:

Connect and Share Movcard at the maximum. The moment you share MovCard with the potential customer, they immediately get connected to you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and all other social networking sites. MovCard has been designed as such that customer has an instant access to everything you share about your business and make it very convenient for them to remain connected. Moreover one of the greatest qualities about MovCard is that when your customers save your MovCard on their devices they can become an active part of your business team. It provides for unlimited sharing and unlimited connect with less hazard.